Your privacy

This page explains the privacy policy that includes the usage and protection of information that is given by visitors. If you make a transaction or send an e-mail that contains personal information, this information might be shared among other public agencies to assist in providing services that are more effective. For example, resolving complaints that might require feedback from other agencies.

Gathered information

No personal information will be gathered when you visit this webpage unless it is information that you have submitted via e-mail.

What will happen if I click on a link to another portal?

This portal contains links to other portals. This privacy policy is only applicable for this portal. It must be reminded that linked portals might have different privacy policies and visitors are advised to examine and understand the privacy policies for every portal that is visited.

Amendments to Policy

If this privacy policy is amended, the amendment will be in the updated section of the main page. By frequently visiting this portal, you will be up to date with gathered information, how it is used and it what situations, and how it is shared with other parties.