PPK Merbok Floating Chalet

Kuala Muda Whispering Fish Market

PPK Merbok Floating Chalet in Kuala Segantang Garam, Merbok. This Floating Chalet is built on plastic drums that solid and safe and equipped with safety features . Floating chalet also boasts a boat that can accommodate up to 12 people to experience down The Merbok River while enjoying the beautiful scenery. PPK Merbok Floating Chalet is very suitable for anglers, you can fish at no charge if you rent in one of the chalets or pay once at RM15 fee for an unlimited time for those who comes only to fish.



Kuala Muda Whispering Fish Market is located in the Kampung Tepi Sungai, Kuala Muda and takes about 40 minutes from the Sungai Petani City. It is one of the unique selling seafood and famous in Kota Kuala Muda . Practice whispered sales is only visible in some parts of the world . You will be amazed to see and hear no screams just a whisper together buyers and sellers only the highest bidder gets the goods. The market is open every day from morning until noon where a fishermen returning from sea . Marine products that are sold at low prices and guaranteed freshness.



Pulau Sayak Village

Tsunami Monument

Pulau Sayak Village is located approximately 30 km from Sungai Petani. The Sayak island , which is just a few hundred meters from Kampung Pulau Sayak clearly visible the beauty of the island is still preserved. Kampung Pulau Sayak famous for its cuisine shrimp noodles, many visitors will not miss the opportunity to experience the pleasantness of Pulau Sayak's prawn mee. Pulau Sayak Village is located just off The Kota Kuala Muda and Merdeka Beach become one of the attractions visitors to stop by to enjoy the beautiful panorama.


The Tsunami Monument was built to commemorate the tsunami tragedy which hit Kuala Muda Kedah on December 26th, 2004. This monument was built using the 26 fishermen damaged boats from that tragedy, which reflects the date of December 26th and it was built in such a way as during the tragedy of fishing boats overlap between each other. Next to this monument, there is a fenced area that houses were destroyed due to huge waves during the tsunami struck this village. Most of the houses in the coastal namely Kampung Sungai Muda and Kampung Tepi Sungai were destroyed. Now the empty houses has become the ??tsunami memorial for the visitors.