General Functions

  • Quality Services

  • Control of Business Activities

  • Town Infrastructure Projects

  • Town Planning

  • Social and Recreational Facilities

  • The Citizens Quality in Health & Environment

MPSPK Functions:

  1. To perform efficient and effective municipal services.

    • Solid waste management

    • Cleaning and beatification areas

    • Maintenance on the drainage systems

    • Maintenance of the public buildings

    • Maintenance of public places

    • Consultation and control of public health

  1. To manage and control all the collected revenue, tax and fund.

    • Income Tax

    • License and compound payments

    • Annual grants

    • Development plan project grants

    • Road maintenance grants

    • Aid Contribution Rate

  1. To carry out development projects at local level.

    • Recreational facilities

    • Town infrastructures

  1. To perform the role as the local planning authority for the administered areas.
  1. To organize, control and plan the growth and development of land and building in the council administered areas.
  1. To perform other duties that is given by the state authority.
  1. Act as the control body in the execution of planning development.

    • To approve building plan.

    • To ensure all the land works carried out according to the procedures.

    • To supervise and ensure the construction of buildings are according to the approved plan.

    • To ensure the utilization of buildings are according to the stated conditions.

    • To produce the CFO certificates.